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We supply European stores with
carefully selected Polish goods and products.

What are we about?

We have been successfully delivering Polish premium products for the past 30 years. Manufactured using artisanal and often methods, with no artificial additives or flavor enhancers, using completely natural ingredients.

TJ FOOD – Greens, Food & Goods

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The pillars of TJ FOOD

On-time delivery

Time is money and your money is our priority. All ordered goods will be delivered on time, with a 45-minute margin of precision. Our personnel and drivers will be available at all times for contact and any inquiries, so you can sleep well – your business is in good hands.

96% fulfillment rate

Merchandise is the basis of all trade. We work with trusted suppliers so that you can always receive what you order. We strive for perfection and are currently at a 96% success rate when it comes to product availability.
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PREMIUM Polish products

Despite having a wide assortment of goods, we pride ourselves in finding premium Polish products which no other suppliers can offer. Naturally healthy, traditionally manufactured, made with love and consistently delicious.
Maybe it’s just what your Customers are looking for?

thoughtful handling

We do note compete with price, but with quality. We strive to provide the best possible delivery service available on the market. We always pick up the phone, we are honest about the delivery process and we carry the goods into your store.

Online ordering

We use a bespoke software system to manage orders. It’s available 24/7 which not only helps to create orders without a hassle, but also serves as a communication plaftorm and serves to speed up the shipping process.

30 years of experience

Three decades on the market are an irrefutable proof that you are about to cooperate with a company that has the right knowledge, assets and Customer trust earned over the years. Each and every year is an investment in quality, that you can experience by using our services.

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Customer testimonials


Kasia - Brighton GB

We’ve been working with TJ Food for almost 10 years.
The assortment, the quality and the customer service are top notch. The products are always fresh and the deliveries are quick. Much recommended!


Adrianna - Best NL

A large selection of products elsewhere unavailable. Always some fresh meat and sausages to choose from. A direct and helpful approach to Customers. I honestly recommend TJ Food!


Wioletta - Braintree, GB

We’ve known TJ Food for many years and were always happy with the products delivered. They are reliable and flexible – two things very needed in this business! 






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