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If your profession is manufacturing food products such as meats, coldcuts, ready meals, pies, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms or preserves – make sure to contact us, let yourself be known and become our partner!


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Are you looking for new markets for your products?

If you manufacture, grow or distribute Polish products and you are proud of their quality, origin or your artisanal methods – look at the expectations and guidelines below and contact us to join a wide group of our business partners!


Do you run a small, local, maybe even family-owned butcher shop and manufacture meats and coldcuts using traditional recipes? Are there regional meat products in your offer? Do most of the qualities below apply to your business? It’s high time you contact us and begin working with TJ Food!

  • traditional recipes
  • high and repeatable quality
  • regional, local products
  • no artificial additives, dyes or preservatives
  • competition awards
  • quality certificates
  • certified regional products
  • confirmed on-time delivery


Do you run a pastry shop or a bakery? Do you manufacture high quality cakes, pies and pastries and can confirm it with the appropriate certificate or an award? Can you secure day to day production, so that we can safely deliver your products to Customers all accross Europe without impacting their quality? If so, please contact us!
See what standards we expect from our partners:

  • pies and cakes of the highest quality
  • Polish pastries
  • safe packaging
  • day-to-day production security
  • adding new items to the offer
  • shipping experience
  • timely delivery
  • HACCAP production standards
  • outside-the-box marketing ideas

do you grow vegetables or fruits?

If you grow vegetables or own orchards or fields – let’s work together! Our European Customers are looking for Polish fruits and vegetables from ecological farms and small companies interested in quality crops and richness of vitamins. Check our list of requirements and let yourself be known – contact us!

  • you run an ecological farm
  • you grow Polish vegetables
  • your products are of the highest quality
  • you deliver on time
  • you meet the export standards
  • the quality of your vegetables is certified
  • you are not using pesticides
  • you are open to long-term collaboration
  • you have your own brand

do you run a processing plant?

If you’re specialised in pickling, cooking, seasoning, combining flavors and surprising your Customers with new products in jars or bottles – working with us can be a great way for you fo reach new markets! Here are a few qualities that we look for in a partner:

  • high, lasting quality
  • natural ingredients
  • no flavor enhancers
  • a stable chain of production
  • interesting packaging
  • unique flavors
  • ready for new challenges
  • quality certificates

do you produce ready meals?

Everyone likes to grab a quick bite sometimes, without cooking or running around stores looking for ingredients. If you can satisfy the cravings of even the hungriest of gourmands and you’re proud of your goods – see if you fit our profile and get in touch. Let’s bring your dishes to a wider audience!

  • not just the traditonal dishes
  • unique flavors and unforgettable classics prepared with love
  • healthy ingredients without unnecessary chemicals or enhancers
  • safe and hygienic packaging
  • extraordinary branding
  • fresh ingredients
  • easy to prepare by the Customer
  • repeatable quality
  • stable production process

Do you manufacture local, traditional products?

The 21st century is the age of the artisans.
Small production facilities, family-owned bakeries, charismatic confectioneries, artisanal ice cream, traditional recipes, natural packaging are just a few signs of a high quality – those are the things the Customers crave. If you run a business that is specialised in a few products, plus you meet some of the requirements listed below, we can help you reach a wider, European audience and grow your business in completely new directions!

  • unique, artisanal products
  • local recipes and ingredients
  • traditional methods of manufacturing
  • family-owned style of business
  • genuine care for taste and quality
  • adherence to tradition
  • readiness for demanding Customers
  • a dedicated, involved team


Over 30% of Poland is covered with forests, harboring all kinds of goods and flavors not available elsewhere. If your business is based on gathering or buying up mushrooms, berries or nuts, we have a perfect and receptive market for you to offer your products. Below you will find the core values that we treasure – if they apply to you, we are in for a great cooperation!

  • fresh mushrooms and berries
  • high and constant product availability
  • packaging that allows for long-distance shipping
  • reliable communication on every step of the way
  • readiness to fulfill an increased demand
  • good quality control

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