Affiliate Program

See how you can gain additional discounts, save money and earn more thanks to the TJ Food Partner Program!

Affiliate Program

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Earn more with TJ Food

Partner Program – a way to earn…

Nothing speaks to a creative entrepreneur like additional income and the ability to earn extra money. It’s even better when it does not require effort or any big changes.

We are offering you a way to increase your income by joining our Partner Program!

How does it work?

Our Partner Program is very simple, but also very effective for active and loyal Customers.

There are only three steps involved:

1. You recommend a familiar entrepreneur from the UK, Belgium, Netherlands or Germany. We contact him or her, citing you and your recommendation.
2. The recommended Customer places an order in our platform (min. 400 GBP/EUR) on the same week you also place an order (min. 400 GBP/EUR).
3. Upon your next week’s order you receive a 10% discount.

Simple? Of course it is! What’s more – you control everything through your panel in our e-hurt platform!


How much can you save with the TJ Food Partner Program?

Additional bonuses are available in the Program, as long as the following guidelines are met:

For recommending a single new Customer/Point Of Sale (meeting the minimum order amount) – an additional 5% discount

For recommending a two new Customers/Points Of Sale (meeting the minimum order amount) – an additional 8% discount

For recommending three new Customers/Points Of Sale (meeting the minimum order amount) – an additional 10% discount

Everything above three Customers – individual arrangements will be made.


If a Customer has multiple stores/sales points, all of which will be actively placing orders, they are considered as separate Customers. Thus, recommending a Customer who owns three sales points can increase your discount up to an additional 10%!


Affiliate Program infograhic

Better proces at TJ Food?

Precisely! One of your most frequent comments regarding working with TJ Food is:
“Great products, outstanding service, if only the prices were a bit lower…”

Joining our Partner Program enables you to lower the prices even by 10% – just for recommending a fellow business and remaining a loyal Customer! We encourage you to join and participate in the Program to earn, save and get even better prices!

Is there any fine print?

We treat our Customers as partners and the program reflects that. Here is a brief summary of the rules:

To earn the discount, the following conditions must be fulfilled in a given week:

1. The recommended Customer/Customers need to place an order for a minimum of 400 GBP/EUR.
2. You need to place an order for a minimum of 400 GBP/EUR as well.

To take advantage of the additional discount, you need to place an order for a minimum of 400 GBP/EUR in the following week.


1. If you fail to place a 400 GBP/EUR order in the following week, the additional discount is forfeited.
2. The additional discount does not apply to orders placed during Easter and Christmas. It is then moved up to the following week.

You can find the complete terms and conditions [ TUTAJ ]

How to start earning in the TJ Food Affiliate Program?

Fill out the form below, recommend a company, accept the terms and conditions, join the Program and start earning today!

Formularz zgłoszeniowy do Programu Partnerskiego

Zobacz pełny regulamin Programu Partnerskiego [ KLIKNIJ TUTAJ ]

Informacje dotyczące przetwarzania danych osobowych [ KLIKNIJ TUTAJ ]

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The TJ Food Partner Program FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the Partner Program terms and conditions?
How can I join the Affiliate Program?

To apply you need to fill out the form found, using the recommended Customer’s information. :

TJ Food verifies the Customer and if he or she meets the requirements of the Affiliate Program, the system will automatically calculate the benefits due.

How will I know if the recommendation discount was applied?

After joining the Program, a dedicated subsection will appear in the e-hurt platform. There you will find all the information about recommended Customers and their orders.
Additionally, should you meet the requirements regarding your own orders, you will receive information about the applied discounts.

You will only receive a confirmation wether the recommended Customer has placed an order – you will not receive any specific information, such as the order value or products.

Can I use the discount at a later time?

You can only use the discount in the week directly following the gaining of the discount in the Partner Program.


Should you fail to meet the 400 GBP/EUR quota in the week following the gaining of the discount, the additional discount is FORFEITED.


The only exception to this rule are the holiday orders (around Christmas and Easter), in which you are not allowed to use the Partner Program discounts. Those discounts move into the following week, after the holiday deliveries.