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64-800 Chodzież, Słoneczna 19, Polska

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Mon – Fri 08:00 – 16:00



Here you can find the answers to most of the common questions

How to go about working with TJ Food?

In order to start working with us – contact us using the form available here.
You can also call us at +48 519 871 566

what sort of products do you deliver?

We specialise in high quality, PREMIUM Polish products – the ones you will not find with any other suppliers: traditional meat products, coldcuts, cakes and confectionery, ready home meals, vegetables and fruits (also seasonal). We supplement our offer with some more generally available food products.

What does the order and shipping process look like?

Customers place their orders on our e-platform in a weekly cycle, ending at 24:00 on Sunday. Erratas can be made until 12:00 on Monday. We ship on Wednesday, with delivery to European stores beginning on Thursday.

Which countries do you deliver to?

We have Customers in Great Britain (the goods we deliver are cleared for trading at your store). We also supply stores in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 
All products come with the necessary documents and certificates, making them ckompletely legal to sell at the recipients’ country.

Can i get a sample?

Yes! Each week we send out the Free Box (~150 EUR/GBP value), which contains free samples of our products for you to taste and experience with your Customers. To order a Free Box fill in the form here or call +48-519-871-566

Do you have an online ordering platform?

Yes! We have a bespoke, integrated system for handling orders, which allows for placing orders from our catalog, communicating with us, managing payments and much more. The system is updated and developed constantly by our IT department.

Do you have a shipping minimum?

Yes. The logistical minimum is 500 EUR/GBP, which is not a lot, compared to other providers. We are not a big company, so we can afford to adjust to your needs, establishing flexible partnership relations.

Are the goods delivered to the UK authorised?

Yes. The products we supply to the UK are cleared according to the newest regulations and admitted for trading in the UK. When working with us you can be sure that the products are legal and compliant with all regulations betwen the EU and Great Britain after the Brexit process.

Feel free to contact our Trade Department at TJ Food!

TJ Food – a TJ Logistic brand

TJ Food came to life in 2021, as a natural step in the evolution of TJ Logistic over the span of 30 years. All the registration data below concern the owner of the brand – TJ Logistic.


Company Info

TJ Logistic
Transport Jabłoński Sp.K.
ul. Słoneczna 19
64-800 Chodzież

Registration Info

KRS: 0000597712
NIP: PL6070080792
Regon: 302641892
Chairman of the board: Krzysztof Jabłoński


tel. +48 67 28 28 090

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TJ Food - TJ Logistic